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[They'd been out doing a patrol of the place. The station's been relatively quiet lately. No bizarre teleporter mishaps. They'd decided to head to the junkyard again in hopes of finding something new and interesting, but they aren't really bothering watching their trackers. Well, Wash isn't.] Epsilon, keep watch for anything useful I might miss... You know I'm not exactly perfect at hunting like this.


Jun. 4th, 2012 04:40 pm
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Did some small amounts of tweaking in the revisions, but the original app is left as is in the original post.  This was just a touch long for comments.

AU Expanded History:

For this universe, the project went pretty much the same as canon up to a point. Specifically, the key starting difference was Epsilon himself. Instead of an AI fragment that was rapidly unraveling from the moment they removed it from the Alpha, continuing until he was implanted and self-terminated in his host? He was a more stable AI than in canon, with the worst of the memories that drove him unstable held back by a partition. A thin wall that sometimes let information through, but allowed him to remain stable.

Washington himself wasn't exactly outstanding among the Freelancers, but he was a competent fighter as well as quick and effective on the battlefield. Calm and not prone to jumping into things lightly. He watched as the others started being implanted with their assigned AIs. Some seemed to be successful, and he never really thought twice about them, though he was extremely wary of Omega and Texas.

Then, there was Carolina. The short lived guinea pig agent that was given two AIs at the same time. The failure that made Washington actually regret joining the project. The one that actually made him dread his own upcoming implantation. If the project is willingly taking chances like that, what might he end up with?

But Washington couldn't get out now. He was long past the point of no return, and his implantation with Epsilon happened. The initial implantation went well, but the period of adjustment afterward was long and difficult. The pair's personalities as well as Epsilon's innate distrust of humans were a source of many difficulties. In fact, Washington's performance actually suffered a decline thanks to the unpredictable behavior and antics of his implanted AI partner. To put it simply, Epsilon was out of control.

The surprising results led the project putting on hold further implantation plans while they observed the strange development, working on plans to try to reign in the AI and get the performance increases that had been noticed in other subjects. This included making very specific instructions on Washington needing to take a heavy hand with the overrides that the AI couldn't ignore.

In the months that the observation of Washington and Epsilon continued, other things started to change and go wrong within the project with some of the other agents. It started simply with the AIs started to request to see the Alpha. The original. Epsilon was among them, but nowhere near as insistent to the ones running the project. He knew it would do no good. Instead, he worked with his host to make an arrangement that eventually, Washington would help him with finding the Alpha, but they'd do it alone. Too many would put things in danger.

The others had been making plans though. They wanted to get to the Alpha, and they convinced their partners to cooperate. There was a brief attempt to get Washington and Epsilon involved, but Epsilon refused, citing that he and his host were a liability thanks to the close observation they were under. They were still a fascinating pair of subjects for study.

But even with that, command was starting to catch wind of something, and plans began to start removing the AIs from hosts. Something that ended up spurring the other AIs and their partners into pushing the planned raid forward. As in canon, it failed and the Alpha was removed to elsewhere for safekeeping. And finally, that was the last straw, leading to the beginnings of the AI removal and purge, though the AIs were really just being stored away in spite of what the agents were led to believe, as it was cheaper to store them than delete them.

Washington and Epsilon weren't exactly happy at the news, and when the removals started with other pairs, Epsilon started to panic, even though they hadn't been scheduled yet. Others had actually acted and fled the project. In Texas and Omega's case, they fled rather violently. Something that Epsilon didn't blame them for, but it just made it more likely that Epsilon and Washington would end up on the schedule.

In the midst of all this, Command had arranged for further testing and training for the pair, not that they ever explained why. Because of their behavior, they were being considered for other purposes. They were potentially useful, as they were seemingly trustworthy. Including the recovery of now escaped military property.

Toward the end of the training, Epsilon and Washington were still having difficulties, and Epsilon was afraid Command might remove him for it. Exceedingly paranoid. But they left him with Washington for a reason. Because, after Carolina, they knew Washington wouldn't dare try to take a second AI in possible recovery missions from his psychological evaluations after.

Epsilon actually was debating trying to force his host into escaping, in control of Washington's body. He walked through a door though, and ended up someplace completely outside his expectations.

All the outside events with Bloodgulch happen as in canon, and the Meta is slowly getting ready to start killing for AIs.

Canon point:  Just prior to its timeline's equivalent of the Meta's killing spree.  See the timeline for more detail.

Epsilon's Personality:

Epsilon is a rather unique personality.  One might expect him to be a clone of the Alpha AI that he is the memories of.  And in some ways, he is.  He's moody and has a bad attitude at times as might be expected from the Church of canon.  He really isn't very fond of his assigned partner, and it shows.  He's not really all that different than Church is to his teammates.  Just a lot more heavy-handed, with the ability to take over his partner on a whim.

There's also an odd fascination with Agent Texas that he never could properly explain to anyone.  But between her personality and the Omega AI, he does his best to hide it, and it's only really know to Washington.

But there's another side to him, including a large amount of disdain and paranoia towards humans in general and those in charge of the Project in particular.

Unlike Church, and surprising, considering his paranoia, Epsilon actually does have a bit of a odd sense of humor and an unusual amount of curiosity about the world around him.  A prankster at times.  It's as though he realized how serious and boring a partner he had and made a goal to be as far from him in behavior as is possible.  And Washington's reservedness has led to him wanting to see what he thinks he's missing out on because of his boring partner.

Epsilon's Abilities: 

Epsilon's abilities are actually quite... Underwhelming. He cannot transfer hosts like Omega does. He needs the physical chip transferred to change to a new host.  His only real unique feature is the memories.

The only person he can possess as such is his current host. It's not easy for him to do it with an individual that he isn't familiar with, and the initial takeover is difficult if the host isn't distracted. And Epsilon is becoming an expert at doing that to Washington.

As for how strong the control is, it depends on a lot of factors. If circumstances manage to unnerve or startle Epsilon, it can lead to openings to break the control. And as much as he might wish otherwise? His control starts weakening the longer he has it.

I understand that if Epsilon were to end up in another host, that would need permission to possess a character belonging to someone else on the off chance that someone does end up acquiring Epsilon that isn't Washington.

Washington and Epsilon's views of the other Freelancers:

Washington and Epsilon have a rather complicated viewpoint of the others at Project Freelancer where he's from.  For the most part, before Epsilon, Washington wasn't exactly a social person, and the project was competitive.  His fellow agents were competition.  He may have socialized a little, but it was awkward at best.

Once Epsilon was implanted, things changed in various ways, as Epsilon started coloring his views and affecting things.  For a start, the AI hates and despises the Director and those running Project Freelancer, though he is a genius at hiding his feelings from those individuals for his own safety.

As for views of the other agents?  The unpaired agents were viewed by Epsilon with a fair amount of suspicion.  And of the paired ones, most of them are filed cautiously under potential allies. 

Agent Texas and Omega are one of the exceptions.  The pair are viewed with reservations and wariness as the pair are highly unpredictable and dangerous.  Though Epsilon has a fascination with Texas that was probably noticeable, even though he tried to hide it.  And the other two had never indicated noticing it.

Another is Delta and his host, though they don't know them as well as they might like.  The pair are trustworthy, and considered fairly safe, compared to others.
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Player Information ;
Your Nickname:  Empyreal Dragon
OOC Journal: [livejournal.com profile] digitalringhals 
Under 18? No.
Email/IM: rainstormdrake
Characters Played at Singularity:  None

Character Information ;
Name:   Agent Washington, real name David, and his partner AI Epsilon
Name of Canon: Red Vs. Blue
Canon/AU/Other Game CR:  AU
Reference: http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/Washington
Canon Point:  A little under a year after Washington's implantation with Epsilon.
It's the future, and humanity started out into space, exploring and colonizing.  Unfortunately, they found a large group of aliens that decided they want to wipe out the human race for various reasons, leading to a large scale war.  Things weren't exactly looking good for humanity. 

Different projects were started by groups within the United Nations Space Command to try to save the human race from being wiped out in a war.  One of those projects was named Project Freelancer.  The goal of this project was to test the effects and effectiveness of agents that they assigned and implanted with AI units.  Each one of these agents was assigned a code name based on one of the states of the United States.  One of these was David, now known as Agent Washington.

There was a complication in the project's plans, however.  AIs like they wanted were expensive, and they could only ever obtain one unit, making the original plans for the project not possible without "creative solutions to unexpected problems".  This one was referred to as the Alpha.

In order to get more AIs to use in the project, it was decide to use a process of repeated torture in order to fragment the AI, each piece something compartmentalized and shed by the tortured original in an attempt to stay sane.  Delta was the logic, shed to keep the Alpha from analyzing what was being done to it.  Omega, the rage.  Gamma was deceit.  And Epsilon was the poor unfortunate that inherited the memories that the Alpha needed to shed just to stay sane.  And even then, sane was relative as the fragmenting left behind an AI so damaged and incapable of understanding what it was that it thought it was a human.

Washington was assigned Epsilon, and not only was the implantation and adjustment period difficult, the pair didn't quite seem to see eye to eye on anything.  It was as if they were trying to pick two individuals that were complete opposites in attitudes and temperaments and pair them together to watch what happened as a result.  That may have even been a part of the plan for the pairing.  But either way, the results were a pair that on the surface seemed almost incapable of working together effectively.

In other words, the pair was one of the project's failures, though nowhere near as bad as Carolina.  And the project continued the trial in spite of the seeming incompatibility of the two, feeling it worth the effort to continue, to see if the issue could be overcome.

Washington is a rather calm, stable individual on his own.  Professional and focused, though sometimes showing a rather dry sense of humor.  His patience is enormous, no matter how ridiculous things might be. And his patience has been certainly put to the test since he received his AI as a part of the project.

He was given an AI that couldn't have been more of an opposite without trying. The Epsilon AI. Chaos, stubbornness, and arrogance incarnate.

And in spite of all of this? Washington keeps his calm. He doesn't resent the AI, no matter what the AI has put him through since receiving it. Even if the AI seems to disrespect and hate him? It's taken most of a year and the pressure of those in charge of Project Freelancer feeling that he needed to take a firmer control on his AI unit for him to really try to heavily use the overrides.

Before the pressure got bad, it was reserved for the rare situations where Epsilon made things awkward for Washington. He had patience enough to deal with the eccentric behavior of the AI, and in some cases, he almost grudgingly admired its cleverness. (Except when he found out that included using codes Epsilon shouldn't have had to get into things like Washington's Psych records compiled by the project.)

Once in a while though, such as when he found out about that little stunt? He does have a bit of a temper. Nothing nearly as violent as canon, but that can be explain with him not having the years locked up to rot making him bitter and angry, as well as the unpredictability caused by the AI committing suicide while still implanted. Though he still has some occasions that that might show? They're more caused by Epsilon's emotional influence than his own personality.

As for Epsilon, he is a bit unique among the Freelancer AIs. In canon, he doesn't really have much of a personality, instead, he's more a reflection of memories. Most likely, this is heavily caused by Epsilon committing suicide in Washington's head. But there are bits and pieces that could be seen and assumed from canon.

Epsilon first and foremost, carries the memories of the Alpha. Not just those relevant to what was separated to keep the AI sane, but others, including information that he probably shouldn't have. Such as information on the Freelancer project's failsafe and the codes to activate it that Washington had. And as a result? He is very wary of humans, and it really shows in his disdain for his host and other humans involved in the project. His only real goal in existence? Revenge and to protect the Alpha.

As such, Epsilon is extremely paranoid, and it does affect his host, as much as his host might deny it. His disrespect for humans leads to him willingly overwhelming and taking over control of his host's body. If anyone questioned him? He'd claim it was his right for dealing with the host that he was forced to take.

Epsilon's arrogant behavior isn't helped by Washington being told to use a hard hand and override him ore frequently. When he realizes Washington is even thinking about that? He'll often take over the control, just to show Washington who's really in charge. Washington is his host. His property.

As for other AIs? He's wary, but much likelier to give them a chance than humans. His trust is hard to earn even for them, but the other AIs from the project, his family, might have luck with getting him to listen to reason.

Abilities and Weaknesses: While Washington may have extensive training with firearms and powerful armor, other than that, he's fairly normal. If anything, him carrying the Epsilon AI is much a weakness as it is a strength, especially with how likely he is to turn on his host.   The armor enhancement he was given as a part of the project is nothing more complicated than a enhancement that allows for audio recording and manipulation, like what the Meta can be seen using in Reconstruction

Inventory:   His armor with enhancement, his AI, a DMR and a magnum, as well as a fair bit of ammunition for each.

Appearance:   Washington - For his appearance in armor, see the armored icons. For out of armor, he doesn't really have a canon appearance, so I will be using Ben Mansfield.

Epsilon - He has only one real canon image of him in his original form, and it's featured at the beginning of Recovery One part 4. A blue armored form not that different from Delta's, though in the image, it's obvious that he had just killed himself in Washington's head. I'm planning to modify and use modified images of Delta to represent Epsilon.

Age: Late 20s

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
In canon, the Epsilon AI fragment was driven insane by what it was, and ended up committing suicide not too long after the implantation, or at least that what is said.  But in this AU, that didn't happen.  Instead, while the Epsilon AI is noticeably unstable and paranoid, the absolute worst of what it is has been walled off enough to keep that from happening.  Instead, it and the other memories started showing up in Washington's dreams, leading to the two coming to an agreement that Wash was going to help Epsilon recover the Alpha, whatever it took.

However, something just didn't seem quite right about the pair of them.  While they didn't have the problems Carolina had, Washington and Epsilon had difficulties working together and behaved strangely.  If anything, Washington's performance level after the implantation slightly decreased.  Difficulties in sleeping and nightmares, though Washington kept insisting there was nothing wrong.  Command continued sending him on the occasional mission, but they kept him close at hand out of suspicion that something was wrong.

After a point, he was given orders to change his handling of the Epsilon AI to be a lot more heavy handed, using overrides instead of letting Epsilon have control over things, in hope it might get the out of hand AI reigned in and improve the pair's performance.  Basically, a last ditch effort before separating the pair and either giving the AI to another or "deleting" it.(Command never deleted the AI fragments, unlike what they said.  Only stored them away.  Even a flawed fragment was too valuable for possible experimentation to just delete.)

Eventually, it got to the point where there were discussions of removing the AI if the new tactic didn't improve things.  Epsilon wasn't exactly happy about it either.  Increased paranoia occurred, up until the pair get orders regarding special unspecified testing scheduled for the next day that led Epsilon into assuming that they were following through on the plan and resulted in him taking over and using Wash's body to look for an escape.  Not that he found one, and not that he was right in Well, until they ended up someplace completely different.

If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample:
Washington is pissed.  Absolutely furious.  Then again, waking up to find one's body somewhere far from where one last remembers it being could be considered jarring.  And the idea that the paranoid AI has taken it upon himself to flee the project...  "You had no right to do that, Epsilon.  Absolutely none.  While I may have agreed to help you find your precious Alpha...  I never said you could take over my body and do that.  You had no proof whatsoever that they were going to remove you from me."

Epsilon doesn't even flinch at the anger from his host.  He did what he felt was necessary for the both of them to survive.  "David, they might have deleted me.  Or worse.  You know that.  I couldn't chance it.  We need to find the Alpha."  He pauses as Washington started looking around at the junkyard that they'd somehow ended up at.  "Don't know how we ended up here.  One minute, I was walking though a doorway, the next minute, I was falling..."

Washington sighs.  "I guess there's no help for it."  He notices the communication device given by the station.  "Well, at least it looks like we have a new way to communicate.  And before you start, I'm not a machine.  I do need supplies.  And if we're going to rescue your Alpha, we need to know where here is."

Network Sample:

[Audio, blue is Epsilon]

David, I really don't like this.

Settle down and don't call me that, I will override you if I have to. Call me Washington. Just stop using that name. And I don't need yet another headache from you throwing a tantrum. And the communication device is-

But Washington, this could be a trap. Or some kind of trick by them.

If it is, panicking solves nothing. And the device is recording, so just stop talking. This is Agent Washington. Anyone out there that isn't a crazy AI that would be willing to answer some questions? Such as how the hell did I end up here?

I'm not crazy, Washington. I'm perfectly stable.

That remains to be seen. Now be quiet before I make you-

[And Epsilon sounds slightly different now, as he's forced control.] You aren't making me do anything, David.


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